Leaving Australia

The day I left Lebanon to Australia was one of the most confusing days of my life. I was pretty much heading to the unknown, and that last moment at the airport was so heart-breaking that I started planning my way back prior embarking my flight: “so Tina; you arrive to Australia, you travel around for 2 weeks, then you call your parents to tell them you don’t like it here, you book your return ticket and you go back home”.

Luckily I was among the fortunates, very fortunate to be honest. It took a while to build such a conclusion: Lebanon is like a biological mother; it gave me birth, loved me conditionally then offered me to adoption, and Australia – with unconditional love – adopted me.

Last Sunday I was at the airport with one-way ticket to Europe with Marta. We were among a bunch of friends discussing our upcoming trip when Marta asked me: “what do you miss most about home?” I was not following up on the conversation that led to this question and of course I paused for a second and spontaneously asked myself where is home? 


Or Australia?


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  1. Jean Aboutaan says:

    Home is where the heart is. ❤

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